A World of Travel

A personal note from Ashley

Many of you will remember only two short years ago I decided to go and discover a world of travel chasing snow on my skis. The most life changing experience ever. I could not have imagined how much I could have gained from the experiences living in the communities of over 52 countries in one year. From France to Cuba, North Korea to New Zealand or Argentina to Iceland, the people we met were friendly generous and hospitable.

The world has changed a lot in such a short time but the enthusiasm of people to travel and discover new horizons will return. Ashley & Newey have built their network of partners in the tourism industry based on offering our guests a slice of local life meeting and sharing new experiences. The most rewarding part of our industry is seeing people from all walks of life enjoying themselves, on a programme that has been researched and tailored for each of your particular markets.

Our thanks go to all our customers for their loyalty, to our suppliers for their understanding, to our community of employees who love the work they do and to our guests who return on our selection of holidays time and time again. We look forward to the time when we will see you all as soon as we can. Please keep in touch and if you need any help at this time Steve and Shaun ready to help.

There will be pent up demand when the lockdown loosens, particularly in the UK, so we will be ready with a range of short breaks where people can sample the delights of travel closer to home once again. 

My skis have finished their world tour, but look amazing in their new clothes , thanks to the daughter of one of our hotels in France who painted them with the flag of every country we visited. Molly Butler is also a top level skier as well as an amazing artist so watch out for her in the next olympics.

Stay safe every one and hope to see you all soon,

Ashley Booth